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Paul Barclay is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of New Zealand.  He has more than 25 years’ experience in the disability and employment sectors.  He has a vast knowledge of supports available to people with disabilities.  He has a wide and varied work history including changing career direction due to acquiring a permanent disability that he has lived with for more than 30 years.  He has a B Com, 2 x PG Dip Com and a Dip Careers Counselling.

Careers Consultancy

  • Support with career redirection
  • Assistance with regaining life and work balance
  • Support to work through significant changes in life following redundancy, restructuring, pending retirement, or acquisition of disability through accident or illness
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Disability employment support

Disability employment support
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Paul believes that every person with a disability has the right to participate in their community to the level that they choose. That participation includes leisure/recreation, voluntary work, study and employment.

Paul can provide support individually to employers, training providers and people with disabilities or their parents.  He can also provide workshops to groups of employees as part of improving that teams understanding of disability and its implications.  These workshops can also be provided to groups of people with disabilities in relation to improving their knowledge of the options that are available to them and the supports that are available to achieve their chosen goals.

  • How to make your work environment more accessible
  • What you should expect as an employer/Employee in relation to reasonable accommodations
  • Interpretation of disability-related employment legislation
  • Funding Sources for disability-related costs


  • Transition Support:
    • School subject selection
    • Preparation for life after school including options relating to employment, study, voluntary work or day programmes
    • Identifying funding sources and completing funding applications
  • Pre Employment Support:
    • Determining life direction
    • Developing a Vocational plan
    • Implementing that plan including coordinating acquisition of work-related skills, job applications and interview preparation
  • Tertiary Study Support:
    • Identification of courses and providers
    • Identifying funding sources and completing funding applications
    • Liaising with tertiary providers
  • Placement Support:
    • Preparing for commencing employment including liaising with the new employer
    • Identifying funding sources and completing funding applications
  • Post Placement Support:
    • Providing support once the new job has commenced including:
    • Job coaching
    • Liaising with your employer
  • Job Retention:
    • Support with the day to day disability-related issues including:
    • Changes in work tasks
    • Redundancy/restructuring
    • Job performance
    • Changes in the status of your health or disability
    • Identifying funding sources and completing funding applications
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  • Regular ongoing supervision
  • One off or short-term support to address a specific issue

Accessibility Awareness/Advocacy

  • Information and training to your work teams on how to make your work environment more welcoming to people with disabilities as clients, customers or colleagues
  • Information in relation to building/modifying your house, business or service to meet best practice guidelines rather than minimum standards
  • Advice on making your electronic and printed information more accessible
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